Amia Beauty’s January motto is “Christmas is a time for giving, now it’s time to spoil yourself” so I was thrilled to be invited by the team at the Dalkey salon to enjoy an experience that really puts the treat in treatment. While on a family holiday in Morocco, Amia’s owner, Amy Roberts was so impressed by the traditional Hammam body scrub that she wanted to bring the idea back to Ireland. Three months ago, an entire refurbishment on the upstairs of the existing Amia beauty salon was complete and a luxurious day spa was launched.

I booked in for a hot stone massage and the 60 minute Hammam treatment, which is exclusive in Ireland to Amia. The treatment took place in a beautifully decorated gold tiled room, consisting of two heated tile beds. The beauty therapist Blathnaid began by bathing me in hot water. Although traditionally this water should be almost scalding, she ensured we found a temperature that was comfortable for my sensitive Irish skin! Next she applied a soapy lather all over my skin, having me turn over to ensure every inch of my body was scrubbed. The next layer was an exfoliating scrub and I could feel the Christmas fake tan and toxins being rubbed away. Next up, Blathnaid applied a full layer of black olive paste all over me which she allowed to set in as a mask. I was then treated to some delicious fresh mint tea and elderflower cordial, served in crystal that was perfectly in keeping with the Moroccan escape. Once the mask was washed off Blathnaid covered me with oils and I opted for the hair oil add-on. I then sat back and allowed the oils to dry in while I enjoyed my tea. Once the oils had dried in, Blathnaid bathed me a final time and led me to a treatment room which was decorated in similar decadent gold interiors, and she began my hot stone massage which was heavenly. Balancing warm stones along my spine, she carried out a relaxing back and shoulder massage.

When the treatment was complete I felt utterly relaxed and my skin has genuinely never looked so glowing. I really felt like I had left drizzly Dublin for the afternoon and escaped to somewhere much more exotic. This is the perfect pick-me-up treatment to indulge in after a heavy Christmas period or to prepare your skin before a holiday or big occasion.

To book or enquire about this treatment call 01 236 9594 or email

Note: I was invited to enjoy this treatment complimentary by Amia Beauty but have not been paid to endorse the salon or it’s treatments