Another #TBT post! This one was with MFI Magazine for their W.O.W series. Original interview can be viewed here. Look out for another interview I’m doing with them coming soon! 


Michelle Walsh | 22 July 2015

We’re back with our next Women on Wednesday, where we quiz our favourite ladies in fashion about men’s style. Next up …

Justine King

Career high: Tough to pick just one but highlights so far have been the early days interning with Rihanna’s stylist Mel Ottenberg; seeing ”Fashion Distilled” a fashion show/fundraiser concept I dreamed up come to fruition; the first time I saw my work published in a magazine, the first time I worked with Xpose and landing my current job with Opsh!

Best dressed male celebrity: Jamie Campbell Bower or Eddie Redmayne

Do you follow any male bloggers? I love Asos menswear stylist James Welsh– his style is simple and clean but with an urban edge and then I genuinely adore that little 5 year old instagram superstar Alonso Mateo’s style- possibly the best dressed male in the world and one a lot of grown men should be inspired by!

Favourite menswear store: Hands down, Rebirth of Cool in Temple Bar.. it’s an absolute experience, the mod-inspired clothes are amazing and the staff are great! Castle & Drury and Nowhere on Aungier Street are great stores too!

Favourite menswear brand: Raf Simons

What’s first thing you notice in a man’s outfit? His jeans! I can’t handle bad fitting jeans! Most men have gradually made the transition from bootleg or relaxed fit to ‘slim fit or skinny’ jeans but you still occasionally see lads in jeans they have had since their early teens. I can’t stand frayed hems!

Biggest fashion faux paux for men: Jerseys! GAA, soccer, rugby, american football… Any type of jerseys! Unless you’re on the pitch or a supporter at the actual match, jerseys should not be seen in public!

How is men’s fashion / style changing in Ireland: I think we’ve seen massive changes in Irish men’s style in the past few years, which is great! They are really starting to take pride in what they wear, with the most obvious influences coming from Brooklyn and East London. In general, I think that if shopping patterns were like eating habits, men eat three solid meals a day while women graze all day without ever sitting down to a meal; men tend to buy in bulk once or twice a year and are more likely to research and consider a purchase before making it. That’s why it’s great to see mens’ boutiques popping up like Castle & Drury and Nowhere as well as new Irish labels like BLOQ– alot of Irish men now want something different to what everyone else is wearing and they’re willing to invest money in designer pieces for that point of difference.

What other cities do you love for fashion? Brooklyn for hot beardy hipsters and Paris for clean, effortless style and just generally beautiful men!

Your best style tip for men: Befriend a decent tailor! Having an item tailored to fit (from a full suit to jeans to a winter coat) will completely transform it. It’s very affordable and will make even the cheapest of items look double their price.

Is there any item of men’s clothing you wear? LOADS! I do alot of my shopping in mens’ stores- I have probably bought more in Topman than Topshop in the past year… My current favourite mens’ piece is my oversized khaki bomber from Rebirth of Cool

and finally… triple denim vs socks with sandals: Oh wow, can I say neither?! Socks with sandals are never ok except on a catwalk in a really try-hard ‘ironic fashunn way’ and triple denim should only be worn with EXTREME caution- at least make sure all three items are different shades of denim (black jeans, light denim shirt, dark denim jacket?) Still not ideal but more bearable than a full denim suit!

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